Clothing Terms
Full Overlap Back Opening • Made for easy dressing, adapted clothing with back snaps on shoulders and a generous overlap.
Yoke Open Back • Item adapted to pull over the head with the back opening overlap beginning at the yoke line.
Side Snap Pants • Pants adapted on sides so that the front & back panels can be easily done up and adjusted at the waist.
Back-Overlap • Back closure on pants and skirts with 3 snaps which allows for easy adjustments.
Free-Back • Easy access pants for wheelchair dressing and ideal for incontinent or immobile persons.
Tear-Away • Pants with full side openings (either velcro or snaps) on the outside seam of both legs.
Functional Front Snaps • Detail along neckline that allows only top snaps to open (not full front opening).
Fake Front Button Line • Sewn in button line with buttons but only for appearance - item would be back opening.
Fooler Buttons • Non functional buttons used over hidden velcro closures.
Polo Collar • Top with round neck line and stretch collar.
Crewneck • Top with taped round neckline.
Fooler Jacket, Vest • Top or dress with an attached fake jacket or vest
Fooler Two Piece • A dress that has a fooler jacket which makes it look like two piece outfit - Jacket and Skirt
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